Selection and Application of Arlitech Power Inductors for Server Mainboard


  When designing the driver chip on the mainboard of a server, engineers need to consider the characteristics of the inductors to ensure the efficiency, stability, and reliability of input and output conversion, thus meeting the product features of the server mainboard.

An Introduction to the Key Elements of Using Power Inductors in CPU/GPU Chips : Application of VRM Voltage Regulator Module-Specific Vcore Power Inductors.


  Power inductor manufacturers or suppliers rely on innovative production and manufacturing technology to develop new series of power inductor components that can meet such high specification requirements. The following are two major points to analyze the two main essential points that graphics card manufacturers evaluate and adopt when designing power inductors.

Top 10 Best-Selling Electronic Components in 2022


  Techdesign e-commerce platform summarizes the top 10 best-selling electronic component products in 2022 for you. In the trading market where digital electronic orders are set according to the supply chain, the overall Electronic Components industry will have the potential for a moderate growth of 5~10%.

How Does Xiaomi Choose Inductors in Mi USB Lights and Portable Devices?


  There is a list of products from Xiaomi and its sub-brands: wireless car chargers, power banks, portable handheld fans, USB LED lights, and LED flashlights. These products are all sold well in the market with their affordable prices and nice functions. For instance, to satisfy people with different consumption levels, they can always thrive in harsh and extreme environments.

7 Practical Applications Products of Inductors


  Inductors are well known for their wide range of application in electronic circuit designs. In this article, we are going to introduce 7 popular applications of inductors. After reading the article, you will have the background knowledge of these applications, including transformers, energy storage, ferrite beads, inductive sensors, induction motors, filters, and electromagnetic relays. 

7 Inductor Specifications You Need to Know


  Resistors, capacitors and inductors are the most used passive components in any circuit. An inductor prevents sudden changes in output voltage and current of power supplies.

  Working alongside capacitors, inductors are widely used in chokes, filters, tuned circuits. So what is the principle and technical logic of inductance? Let us introduce it to you.

Jinyao Electronics Co., Ltd. has been certified as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province in 2021


  Guangzhou Jinyao Electronics Co., Ltd. has been evaluated as a national high-tech enterprise and officially recognized as a "national high-tech enterprise".

Arlitech Celebrates 20th Years Anniversary


  Arlitech was founded in 2001. At the very beginning, we focused on operating Asian customers and markets.

  To address the changing times, we see our posibilities which making us start to develop integrated product lines and services for worldwide new business chances.

Grand Opening: Arlitech Electronic Corp. Availables on TechDesign


  Arlitech is a most competitive global integrator for smart energy solutions and design service provider.

  We are offering fully electronic components supply chain, SMT assembly covered by IOT, digital meter, PCBA, and consumer products, and design solution from early stage to final production in IOT service.