SM Series

Features : 

  • Endurance: 105°C ▪ 2000 hours/ 125°C ▪ 1000 hours

  • No voltage derating

  • Lower ESR and highest ripple current

  • High voltage (35V max.)

  • Halogen free, RoHS compliance

JDX Technology Co.,Ltd. Company Introduction

  JDX was established in 2020 and specializes in the professional marketing of semiconductor and passive electronic components. The main business areas are:

  • Semiconductor components such as power management ICs (e.g. PMIC, GaN FET), protection devices (TVS/ESD), display control ICs (e.g. Scaler IC), microcontrollers (MCUs), etc.

  • Solid Polymer Capacitors and Power Inductors for consumer and industrial applications, as well as automotive specifications.

  • Fully automated production of Capacitive and Inductive Network Transformers (LAN Transformers).

  JDX combines a professional marketing team with expertise in semiconductor IC components and related electronic circuitry such as active ICs and passive components (capacitors, inductors, transformers, etc.) to provide system solutions sales. Our goal is to offer customers higher value and competitiveness in their solutions and products, with excellent quality, price advantages, and rapid delivery times. We strive to create win-win or multiple-win business opportunities.

  Our business philosophy is to provide competitive electronic components, technology products, and solutions to our partners to create more business value. We aim to create a company that satisfies customers, original manufacturers, shareholders, and employees alike.

Operating Temperature Range-40~ +125°C
Rated Voltage Range10~ 35V DC
Surge VoltageRated voltage × 1.15 (15 ℃ to 35 ℃)
Capacitance Range10 ~ 150µF
Cap. Tolerance±20 % (120 Hz / +20 ℃)
Leakage CurrentI ≦ 0.3 CV(μA) [10 V to 35 V, 2 min]
Dissipation Factor %≦ 0.1 (120 Hz / + 20 ℃)

Case size (mm)SpecificationsPart No.
LWHCaptanδ Max.ESR Max.*2Leakage Current Ripple Current*1
(μF) @120Hz@120Hz(mΩ) @100kHzMax. (μA)(mA r.m.s) @100kHz