Company Introduction : Polytronics Technology Corporation (PTTC)
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Polytronics Technology Corporation (PTTC) designs, develops and manufactures circuit protection devices that ensure the safety and reliability of today's high density electronics systems. Since its inception, Polytronics has focused exclusively on Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC, or polymeric PTC) product development and manufacturing, and has launched a series of overcurrent circuit protection devices.

Polytronics ' multiple-product families include surface-mount devices (SMDs), radial-leaded devices (RLDs), axial-leaded devices (ALDs) and many other custom-designed products. In contrast to one-time fuse, EVERFUSE® is a polymeric PTC fuse which can be used multiple times. It can sense, regulate, and protect the circuit from any overcurrent events and reset itself after removal of the fault conditions. Therefore, EVERFUSE® is ideal, over a broad voltage range, for overcurrent circuit protection applications such as Computers, Peripherals, General Electronics, Batteries, Telecommunications systems, etc. Essentially, it can be applied almost anywhere there is a load to be protected.

Guided by its spirit of innovation, specialization, diligence and teamwork, Polytronics continues to realize the vast potential of EVERFUSE® technology and provide its customers with novel solutions to their diverse needs.

Over Current Protector

  • SMD Type
  • RLD Dip Type
  • Battery Device Type
  • Telecom Device Type
  • Current Limiting Module
  • Surface Mount Fuses
Over Voltage Protector
  • TVS
  • TSS
  • ESD
  • MOV
  • GDT
Thermally Management Solution
  • Thermally Conductive Board
  • Thermally Setable Pad
  • Thermally Radiation Material
  • Thermally Conductive Ink