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Contact Window:【Taiwan】-Benson Liao
TEL:+886-02-2999-8313 ext 802

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Inergy is a fabless IC design corporation which provides green energy solutions. We provide total solutions from IC to system design. inergy offers clients innovative solutions and services within energy utilization involving DCBL Motor, Power Devices for specific applications, Lighting and Power Management applications.

Our Mission

inergy stands the meaning of “Innovative Energy” which maximizes the efficiency of energy utilization in our daily life in order to form a living friendly environment. Since 1990s, environmental protection has becoming a key theme for all nations worldwide in account of the fact that global warming significantly impacts the earth. inergy ‘s mission is to create a cleaner environment for our offspring.


Our innovative team develops progressive power and energy saving solutions to help clients winning at the first place.


inergy integrated solutions facilitate customers to build products more simple and reliable.


Our sufficient system and IC development experiences enable us offer design support and consultant service.