Arlitech will be attending the COMNEXT 2023 Japan Next-Generation Communication Technology Exhibition.


  The prestigious Japanese telecommunications event, "COMNEXT Next-Generation Communication Technology Exhibition," will take place from June 28th to June 30th at Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight). This year, under the guidance of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and in collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan's networking and communication companies will participate in the exhibition. The Industrial Development Bureau will lead networking companies such as Asia Pacific Telecom, Gemtek, Chunghwa Telecom, and HTC's subsidiary, HTC InnoVision, to showcase their innovative 5G system solutions and facilitate in-depth one-on-one exchanges with renowned international companies such as Airspan, Qualcomm, NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, NEC, Rakuten Mobile, and FUJITSU. The exhibition will not only feature demonstrations of each company's 5G system solutions but also include exhibitions, seminars, and matchmaking events to enhance communication between Taiwanese manufacturers and international companies.


  This year, the focus will be on "5G Team Taiwan," bringing together outstanding domestic networking enterprises to showcase reliable and flexible 5G system solutions and the achievements of Taiwan's 5G AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) application services. Leveraging the characteristics of 5G, including low latency, high-speed rates, and multi-connectivity, combined with AR augmented reality and holographic projection, an immersive exhibition experience will be created. Furthermore, the integration of 5G AIoT with smart poles enables the extension of multifunctional services such as environmental monitoring, smart lighting, image recognition, air quality monitoring, and noise detection. Through the achievements of 5G AIoT, Taiwan aims to demonstrate its ability to be a reliable and trustworthy partner in the global 5G supply chain, attracting more international collaborators and expanding the market while enhancing competitiveness.



  In the display industry, Taiwanese companies and the Industrial Development Bureau have reached a high consensus on promoting industry transformation. The goal is to develop high-value-added products and intelligent display solutions that integrate software and hardware, thereby creating new international market opportunities. Solutions implemented by various Taiwanese manufacturers have gained recognition from the Port of Kobe Bureau in Japan, leading to an international export case. Six companies, including Datung Precision, Opto Tech, Soundmatters, Eontec, Wistron, and AU Optronics, will showcase a total of 11 solutions in Japan, aiming to explore potential cooperation opportunities between Taiwan and Japan.


  During the exhibition period of "COMNEXT Next-Generation Communication Technology Exhibition" from June 28th to June 30th, Taiwanese manufacturers, led by the Industrial Development Bureau, will exhibit in the West Exhibition Hall under the theme "5G Team Taiwan." Formerly known as the Japan Communication Broadcast Week, the exhibition was officially renamed COMNEXT in 2023, focusing on next-generation communication technologies, including 6G, 5G private networks, IoT applications, optical communications, and 8K video transmission. In the previous year, the exhibition attracted nearly 200 international exhibitors and had approximately 18,000 visitors, establishing itself as a grand event in the field of communication technology.


  This time, Arlitech will visit the exhibition along with our Japanese service partner, Nippon MIK. Nippon MIK is a specialized trading company that has been selling various electronic components to manufacturers involved in domestic electronic equipment production in Japan since its establishment in 1974. Adhering to the policy of providing necessary information and products quickly and accurately, Nippon MIK strives to enhance business relationships with countries worldwide, not only within Japan but also including the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and other regions. This enables customers to purchase higher-quality components under better conditions. In the continuously evolving market environment of international division of labor in electronic equipment development and manufacturing, Nippon MIK continues to seek superior products, information, and methods globally. They contribute to connecting the world with Japan and strive to create new value.



  We are dedicated to selling various components used in electronic equipment to customers engaged in electronic device manufacturing in Japan. Under the policy of providing necessary information and products quickly and accurately, we have strengthened transactions not only in Japan but also in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. In the market environment of ongoing international division of labor in electronic device research and development and manufacturing, we continuously seek "better" products, information, and methods globally, connecting the world with Japan. Our main customers include domestic electronic equipment manufacturers for selling electronic components, mechanical parts, and parts related to thermal and electromagnetic wave countermeasures, as well as providing technical proposals to design engineers, VE proposals for overseas manufacturers' products, and market inventory surveys for hard-to-find products such as discontinued items. We have established various negotiation and coordination results, with extensive procurement routes in Europe, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Singapore, and other regions.


  • Currently, Nippon MIK represents several product brands: Takachihokoeki, Laird Technologies, Micro Denshi, Niccabi, BEL POWER SOLUTIONS, CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR, ARROW ELECTRONICS, FUTURE ELECTRONICS, Arlitech Electronic.




  If you are a customer in Japan who is interested in our passive component inductor products or would like to learn more about our product information, please feel free to contact our Japanese service agent, NIPPON MIK CORP. We will get in touch with you promptly!