2022 Japan Mobile Network Technology for 5G/IoT Expo, Arlitech results published after the exhibition.


  2022 Japan Communication & Broadcasting Week Held by Japan Reed Exhibition Company at Tokyo Big Sight for a total of 3 days. In addition to being able to "see" and "touch" 840 products this time, a seminar program covering all 33 lectures will be held simultaneously, providing a venue for bringing together the latest technologies in the field. 


  In addition to the various types of inductors arranged by Arlitech at the exhibition site, it also includes 5G system products with the characteristics of "ultra-high-speed, large-capacity, ultra-low latency, and multiple simultaneous connections" exhibited by other companies and local governments. Nokia can be used for a variety of applications and networks of a large number of device sensors, Hi-Tech's wireless communication that uses LEDs for lighting without the need for LiFi radio waves.... Various professional and technology-leading 5G/IOT products are showcased.



  The exhibition also provided seminars and summits held by many leading technology companies. Taking this opportunity, we immediately listened to the examples and future prospects of the combination of manufacturing and local 5G presented by NEC, and how to use 5G to jointly manufacture DX models presented by FUJITSU. Cross-border technology topics such as group products, 5G module technology and 6G-related technology product research and development as lectured by Murata, not only can you learn about the latest industry trends, but also get more technical exchanges and cooperation opportunities on such occasions. Through participating in the above seminars, we can see that the 5G-related equipment market has shown rapid expansion and growth in recent years, including the comprehensive launch of services by major mobile phone companies and the fields of materials, devices, and circuits used in peripheral applications. will grow to 70 trillion yen (about 1.5 billion Taiwan dollars)



  The splendid level of the 2022 Communication Exhibition also attracted more than 17,000 people to visit the site during the three-day period. The above-mentioned technical summit lectures also attracted more than 8,500 people to listen to the audience, which resulted in enthusiastic responses. We can see the overall technology development trend. Currently, the commercialization of 5G technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Similarly, in the early stage of 6G technical specification research and development, the technologies of various countries and leading brands have also been in full swing for patent competition.