Come and visit us at the "New Taipei Theme Pavilion" at the 2022 Japan Communications & Broadcasting Week Exhibition!

  New Taipei City once again broke through the space constraints and led New Taipei City enterprises to participate in the "2022 Japan Communications & Broadcasting Week Exhibition" with a new model of "combining real and virtual" remote exhibitions, assisting New Taipei enterprises to enter Japan's huge 5G and communication equipment industry field, recruiting 12 New Taipei enterprises have jointly created business opportunities under the epidemic. The director of Economic Development and Development said that from 2013 to 2019, New Taipei City promoted export and sales, led 239 New Taipei manufacturers to expand overseas markets in 16 countries, created business opportunities of 8.23 ​​billion yuan, joined hands with industry players to enter emerging markets, and sold New Taipei City's high-quality products overseas.


  However, due to the impact of the epidemic in the past two years, countries around the world have adopted border control measures and cannot lead groups to expand sales in overseas markets. In 2022, to break through the framework, for the first time, the "real and virtual" model of physical exhibition and video negotiation will be used for remote exhibitions. Invitation New Taipei City manufacturers participated in the "2022 Japan Communications & Broadcasting Week Exhibition ". Arlitech Electronic is honored to cooperate with the Economic Development Bureau to participate in the exhibition in Tokyo in the form of the New Taipei Theme Pavilion. With our SMD Power Indcutor and Molding Choke products, we will show you our latest manufacturing and production technology! This event will be a rare opportunity to let major enterprises know more about our company.


  Last year, nearly 150 international companies participated in the Japan Communications & Broadcasting Week, and nearly 10,000 buyers visited the exhibition. In 2021, the exhibition will successfully attract telecommunications and communication systems even if overseas audiences cannot participate in the physical exhibition under the impact of the epidemic. There are more than 10,000 buyers such as commercial and broadcasting companies. It is the best platform for New Taipei enterprises to gain product exposure and enter the Japanese market. Due to the easing of the epidemic this year, we expect more exhibitors to participate in this event. The Economic Development Bureau pointed out that Communications & Broadcasting Week is a series of five series of joint exhibitions, bringing together industry players in the fields of optical communication, 5G technology, and the Internet of Things. Showcasing the latest products. The exhibition includes themes: the 22nd Fiber Optics Expo – FOE 2022, the 6th Video Communications Expo – VCOM 2022, the 5th 5G Technology Expo, the 5th 4K/8K Technology Expo, and the 1st Local 5G/IoT Service Expo.


  Elite suppliers from all over the world will gather here to showcase their latest digital camera technology and Internet connection technology, advanced products from various companies such as high-pixel cameras and electronic screens, Internet and Equipment fiber optic cables will publish technical seminars at this exhibition, such as FUJITSU, NTT East Japan, NOKIA, muRata, NEC, Rakuten Mobile…. and other large brand enterprises.



  The 2022 exhibition will be held from June 29 to July 1 at the Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan. The New Taipei City Government joined hands with the "2022 Japan Communications & Broadcasting Week Exhibition" to set up the "New Taipei Image Hall" to display the delegation's product catalogue posters and physical products, to increase the willingness of professional buyers to further negotiate, and to provide proficient Chinese and Japanese during the exhibition period. Bilingual dedicated staff assist sellers who cannot be present to introduce products, act as a communication bridge between buyers and sellers, and effectively promote Taiwan's high-quality products overseas. Focusing on 5G, IoT and other fields, we welcome all those who need key components to solutions to come and visit.


  Arlitech Electronic, as one of the leading suppliers of custom inductors, will provide our products to the world. The exhibit series will include "High Current, SMD, DIP, RF, EMI Suppression Filter various types of inductors, and we will also provide our new product catalogue on site! We hope that our products have high frequency support, high reliability, Features such as thin profile and low loss can attract the attention of many exhibitors at the exhibition. If you want to browse the latest products of Arlitech Electronic, please be sure to check our booth or browse our catalog online! Look forward to meeting you at the exhibition Meet!