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ZHUHAI BOYA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD settled in Zhuhai New-high Technology Industrial Zone in December 2014 which has a senior team concentrated on advanced flash memory research and development.

Rely on high technologies and innovation team, BOYA insist to achieve the dream of China chips. Meanwhile, precisely because people-oriented management concepts and good working environment , A large number of with high education, high experience and high quality R & D personnel joined the company, they have already at the forefront of international industry dynamics, also have the experience of successful development and production of flash memory chips. In the meantime, the working team familiar with the industry chain and master the core technology of the memory chip design. In the memory research, ZHUHAI BOYA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is in the leading domestic level.

At present, BOYA is developing 3.0V and 1.8V, 512K bit to 256 Mbit series of high-level general chips which is highly valued by government and country. At the same time, the design of representative production SPI Nor Flash has been completed, performance parameters have been verified by customers, and SPI Nor Flash has entered mass production.

  • BY25D40AS
  • BY25D80AS
  • BY25D16AS
  • BY25Q128AL
  • BY25Q32AL
  • BY25Q16AL
  • BY25Q12A
  • BY25Q80A
  • BY25Q64A
  • BY25Q40A
  • BY25Q32A
  • BY25Q20A